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shutterstock_186510425Project Pilots Ltd are solutions specialists. Our speciality is in delivering Oracle Primavera related talents including routine planning, trouble shooting and upgrades. We have a particular emphasis on innovation, however awkward or mundane the requirement, and we are able to deploy a wide range of other software skills too. Our alliances broaden our consultancy base and also enable us to offer Oracle Authorised Primavera training. Our high quality business processes underline our long standing commitment to pleasing our clients.

Our Vision

… is to offer a fast, innovative and robust service to our clients.

Proper Planning

We are a project delivery and planning consultancy with a substantial track record in project planning. Our primary role is in deploying enterprise planning solutions, whether the requirement is for strategy, implementation or creating and maintaining complex project plans. We have a particular talent for delivering easy to understand solutions to sophisticated problems.

We believe passionately that the first priority for a consultant is  to earn the confidence of clients and we can prove that claim. So if you are searching for those elusive trusted advisors, rather than just another consultancy, then look no further than Project Pilots!

How What Where

Whether you want Primavera London, troubleshooting London or Primavera UK wide, troubleshooting world wide when our consultants have the skills you seek, then we can bring them to you on affordable terms.

If  you do not plan to succeed, then you are planning to fail

Project Companions

Project Pilots Ltd are delighted to announce  our latest joint venture with FP Opera Ltd. Project Companions brings together the impressive portfolios of FP Opera Ltd (Franco Pittoni) and Project Pilots Ltd (Richard Robson) in order to provide mentoring and advice to help ensure the health of projects throughout their lifecycle. Between them Franco and Richard offer a wealth of experience in all aspects of project planning and control, troubleshooting and issues resolution.

If you’d like to know more about Project Companions’ services, then visit  Project Companions  for further details.

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