The Project Pool

What I like about The Project Pool


The Project Pool is an emerging force in the freelance market, and is staking a claim as the collaborative platform for freelancers and clients and offers a crowdsourced bespoke alternative to the traditional agency model. It can provide the most appropriate resource to suit the client quickly and without the traditional strings attached.

The Project Pool is itself a collaborative work taking the best (and some of the worst) lessons from agents, freelancers and other business experts to deliver a new way to match supply and demand in the consultancy market.

The business model is simple and it starts with freelancers themselves, freelancers and trust that is, well actually freelancers, trust and transparency, oh and don’t forget the clients… Really the model is simple, but it’s also evolving and that’s the beauty of the crowd sourced approach, we can learn what works and adapt what doesn’t and what I’ve begun to list is not really the business model, but a hint of the core values around which the model will evolve and grow stronger.

In my opinion what we are building is the agency that freelancers would create if they could and now, thanks to the restless energy of Andy White (IPSE founder and entrepreneur), they can. This isn’t a token effort on Andy’s part, he has a unique understanding both of freelancers and recruiters and he’s handpicked the best to spearhead The Project Pool. Of course freelancers and recruiters are experts in “clients” as well, but may respectively be just a little biased, so take the time to look at the calibre of the business gurus that Andy has also attracted to ensure that all the bases are covered By the way, yes that really is the guy who paired M&S chocolate puddings with Santana!

The Project Pool is an idea whose time has come. Freelancers know each other and they know who they can trust, they also tend to know their clients and projects far better than most recruiters do. They are perfectly placed to understand client requirements and personally identify the most suitable candidates better than the keyword based databases that currently dominate the recruitment industry. Technology has moved on and collaborative tools can release the immense potential of freelancers’ own networks.

There’s more to it than freelancers simply talking to each other though. There’s a lot of boring stuff to be taken care of, but fortunately not everyone finds contracts and payment processes dull and The Project Pool takes care of the routine stuff with real business to business contracts and attractive financial terms that will be transparent to all interested parties.

Incidentally a true business to business relationship offers freelancers greatest certainty that they are not in scope for the dreaded IR35 and The Project Pool contracts are good enough that we’ll include indemnities for our freelancers as long as the real nature of the assignment bears out the contractual terms. No more faking it until you make it, freelancers on The Project Pool placements will be recognised as in business own their own account because they’ll truly be operating as such with no nasty little clauses lurking in upper contracts they can’t see waiting to undermine them.

There’s just a flavour of what I like about The Project Pool. What’s not to like? Let me know if you can see any fault lines and I’ll ensure that we evolve to overcome them.

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